Posted by Toasteh @ January 1, 2014, 5:04 pm
★ general rules
  • The time limit for this board is 25 minutes.
    The content of this board should be comprised of finished work and works in progress open to feedback for improvement. We're not too strict, but please only post appropriate content to each board!

  • Tryouts ARE NOT required to draw here
    This board is for feedback and improvement, and all members are welcome to post and comment here. :)

  • Uploading images IS allowed on this board
    Try not to overdo it though! Contact an admin if you'd like uploading privileges

  • You MAY upload: artwork you have drawn offsite and would like feedback on
  • You MAY NOT upload: photographs, spam, inappropriate content

  • Regarding inappropriate content:
    Think of the children!! Adult themes and gore should be marked 18+. Explicit pornography and offensive/discriminatory content is prohibited here, and will be removed by an admin.

  • Regarding language:
    Cursing is 100% fine here, just please no slurs or discriminatory language!!

  • Rule #1 forever and always:
    Don't be a dick!! Please be respectful and polite, comment when you can, and be supportive and helpful! If you've got a beef with another member, please calmly discuss the issue with them over omail, or ask an admin for help, rather than causing a public scene. Everybody be cool and have fun!!!!

★ events
  • ~*coming soon*~

★ admins
  • WOB
  • WOI
    Anne Dyari
  • WOA
    Detective Wolf
Each of the admins are 'local' to each board, although admin privileges extend across the entire oekaki! If your local admins are offline please feel free to contact any of us, and we'll be happy to help regardless of board affiliation. :)

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